New State Legislation Affecting New Steel Structures in 2012.
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Tax Breaks for Your Steel Building Could Mean Huge Savings
With today's economy challenging you to be evermore creative, take notice of upcoming legislation that you can expect to have an impact...

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Steel Connections - Real Solutions, Right Now!

Steel Connections has been a presence in the structural steel fabrication and steel deck construction industry for more than 20 years. With a documented history of meeting our commitments to our clients, you can be assured that you can maximize the resources at your disposal in coordinating your projects, with the confidence that your project is in the capable hands of seasoned professionals. As a subcontractor, we take pride in the fact that your project is our commitment, that your success is our success.


In today’s world, job complexity is higher than ever, and will continue to increase daily. Almost constant design conflicts and modifications combined with technology allowing multiple contributors making the process more and more complicated. Steel Connections has spent more than 20 years working with engineers and architects in a interactive and proactive fashion to not only solve these complicated issues, but anticipate and resolve these issues before they become problems. Steel Connections is in this business to solve your problems. It's what we do, and we enjoy it!


Our 20 years of experience is what makes us a leader in steel fabrication, erection, materials procurement and management, estimating, detailing, shop and field welding, quality control – both L.A. City and ICBO, and special coatings such as epoxy painting and galvanizing.


Steel connections has the internal processes, experience and people to make sure that you have the answers you need, when it matters most: before little problems become big problems. We do not have a crystal ball, we have vision. We do not wait for problems, we anticipate them. We have the right knowledge, with the right connections, and the right people to solve your problems, right now.


Steel Connections, Inc. is an industry leader and is a solid company looking for talented and highly qualified professionals and technicians to fill positions, from field installations to office management, and everything in between. Contact us today for the opportunity of a lifetime!